Bubble-free stickers
Bubble-free stickers
Bubble-free stickers
Bubble-free stickers

Bubble-free stickers

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🌟🔵 Express Your Passion: TSU Fundraiser Exclusive Vinyl Stickers! 🔵🌟

Wrestlers, adorn your belongings with our durable and vibrant Vinyl Stickers—a powerful expression of your passion for the sport. These stickers are not just decals; they are a symbol of your dedication to wrestling, designed for both regular use and adding a touch of personality to any surface.

✨ Key Features:

🎨 Vibrant and Durable Design: Our stickers are printed on high-opacity adhesive vinyl, ensuring a bold and lasting design. The 95µ density, combined with the durable vinyl, guarantees stickers that withstand the test of time.

🌬️ Bubble-Free Application: Enjoy a fast and easy application process with our bubble-free stickers. The high-quality vinyl ensures a smooth and seamless adhesion to any surface, leaving no room for bubbles or imperfections.

🌐 Amazing Craftsmanship:

• High opacity film that’s impossible to see through
• Fast and easy bubble-free application
• Durable vinyl for long-lasting use
• 95µ density for added thickness and resilience

🧽 Prep for Perfection:

• Don't forget to clean the surface before applying the sticker for optimal adhesion.

🎉 Versatile Expression:

Whether it's your laptop, water bottle, or any other surface, these stickers are designed to be versatile and expressive. Let your passion for wrestling shine through in every detail.

🛍️ Own a Piece of Your Journey:

Every purchase of these exclusive vinyl stickers contributes to the growth of the first-ever Division 1 wrestling program in Texas. It's not just a sticker; it's a symbol of your wrestling journey. Don't just stick a decal; own a piece of your passion – grab yours now and showcase your love for wrestling with pride! 🌟🔵 #TSUWrestling #D1TexasWrestling #FundraiserVinylStickers

Size guide

  HEIGHT (inches) WIDTH (inches)
3″×3″ 3 3
4″×4″ 4 4
5.5″×5.5″ 5 ½ 5 ½
15″×3.75″ 3 ¾ 15